The Board

Board of Directors


Executive Chairman

Ir C. S. Chang


CS Chang is a professional railway system engineer with over 30 years of international project experience. CS possesses a wealth of knowledge and experience in the design, installation, testing and commissioning of multi-disciplinary and sophisticated railway systems as well as in the project management mega size railway projects. Moreover, CS is instrumental in conducting critical review on train operation of mass transit railway and light rail with an aim to assess the ergonomic design and technical robustness of both new and existing railways. CS’s career in railway engineering has diversified, leading to involvement in different areas of railway systems engineering and project development. CS has worked for CSEE Transport in Paris to deliver the Automatic Train Supervision system to Hong Kong Island Line. He has worked as the Section Manager (Design) for Mass Transit Railway Corporation, managing all system upgrade projects for one of the busiest railways.



Ir. Chan Sai Chok

MBA, BSc(Eng), Peng, MIEM, MBEM

Mr. Chan has over 28 years of experience in M&E engineering consultancy. He designed Industrial and Special Projects including Toll Collection Systems (TCS), Traffic Control and Surveillance Systems (TCSS), Ports and Harbours, Floating City Infrastructure, Tunnel M&E Systems. He was involved as project director in a number of mega projects, such as SMART Tunnel, Double Track Tunnel between Ipoh and Padang Besar Berapit & Larut Tunnel, Saudi Arabia Makkah Tunnel (58 tunnels), Penchala Tunnel, KL-Karak Tunnel, Kluang Hospital, Teliti Data Centre which involve SCADA, Power supply and Distribution System, Communication System and Building Management System (BMS). Currently he acts as the project manager for the system Configuration, Changes, Compliance, Program Control, Interface Management and Interface Co-ordination for the system work of Mass Rapid Transit (MRT), Malaysia.



Management Team

Chief Executive Officer

Ir Rodney Ng

MSc(EEng), BEng(Electrical), BSc(Computer Science), MHKIE

Mr Rodney Ng obtained his BEng in Electrical from University of Sydney, Australia in 1987. He received his Master Degree MSc in Electronics Engineering from Hong Kong Polytechnics University in 1998. He has over 27 years’ experience in railway Control System and project management at MTR Corporation Hong Kong. He has been leading a team of over 25 engineers to manage all system interfaces (more than 150 contractual interfaces) for the KVMRT SBK Line project for successful opening of the phase 1 of the railway line on 16 December 2016 ahead of the planned schedule.



Chief Operations Officer

Ir. Lim Lee Cheng

BEng(Electrical Power Eng), BEng(E&E Eng), MIEM, MBEM

Ms. Lim has over 11 years experience in M&E engineering consultancy. Her recent engagements including Toll Collection Systems (TCS), Traffic Control and Surveillance Systems (TCSS), included design, tender evaluation, review of functional specifications, supervision of site, testing and commissioning of system. She was involved as project manager in a number of mega projects, such as Marine Street Lighting System for Penang Second Crossing under UEM Builders Berhad, Street Lighting, Toll Collection System (TCS) and Traffic Control & Surveillance System (TCSS) for East Coast Expressway Phase 2 under MTD Capital Bhd., Toll Collection System (TCS) and Traffic Control & Surveillance System (TCSS) for South Klang Valley Expressway. She has been leading the team to set up, maintain and upgrade the Requirement Management database for all the railway systems work for KVMRT SBK Line project since 2012 which is a DOORS based database management system with the same structure as ComplyPro system. In addition, she is also managing the team to provide inputs to the Computerised Maintenance Management System (CMMS) for this SBK Line project.